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Home and Auto Insurance

Home and auto insurance can save you from costly repairs and liability in the case of damage to your home or your car. Both essentially cover damages to you and your property, however a large portion of auto insurance covers third party damage and injuries in the form of liability coverage. In the case of auto insurance, most states make mandatory at least minimum coverage.

How much coverage you need, cost and what your level of exposure might be are among the concerns governing selection of these type of insurances.

.An auto insurance policy is actually a package of different coverages. Coverage can include liability insurance; collision coverage; comprehensive coverage; medical, PIP and no-fault; uninsured motorists and certain add on features. Most states require you to purchase a minimum amount of certain kinds of coverage. But if you're interested in protecting yourself from a lawsuit or from wicked repair bills, then it makes sense to buy more than what's required.


Auto Insurance What Is Auto Insurance?

An auto insurance policy is a contract between you and an insurance company. You pay a premium. In exchange, the insurance company promises to pay for specific car-related financial losses that you may have during the term of the agreement

Auto Insurance Do You Need It?
Auto insurance is a legal requirement in most states. State laws typically say that as a driver, you either must have insurance, or be able to provide evidence that you have the financial resources to pay a judgment against you, if you are responsible for causing damage or injury to another person/property. An insurance policy is the easiest way to document that you can pay damages if you must. You also need auto insurance to protect yourself financially. If you or anyone for whom you're responsible seriously injures another person, you can be held liable for the injured person's medical expenses, rehabilitative therapy, and long term nursing care, as well as for his or her lost earnings.
Auto Insurance Who Is Covered?
Your policy covers you, your spouse, and other family members who live in your household and are entitled to drive one of your vehicles
Auto Insurance What Is Covered?
Where you live - Where you live and drive your car has a significant impact on the cost of your insurance. This is because the frequency of things like vandalism and car theft, and the cost of things like car repairs and medical bills, vary enormously from one region to another.
The make and model of your car - The cost of insurance depends a great deal on what type of car you drive, too. (It can be helpful to bear this in mind when choosing a car, especially if you're on a tight budget.)
Your driving record - Your insurance rates will be affected by any tickets you've received and violations of which you've been convicted over the past several years.
Your age - Statistically, younger drivers get in more accidents and tend to get more tickets
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Car Insurance Carriers - Which Car Insurance Company is right for you?
There are dozens of car insurance companies out there who would love to have your business, and although coverage amounts, limits, and other benefits may be similar between the various car insurance carriers in your area, it pays to shop around. Independent Studies have shown that the average consumer may be able to save nearly $500 every 6 months by shopping for the best rate before purchasing a car insurance policy.
In addition to the monetary benefits of shopping for the best car insurance rate, it is important to understand the car insurance carriers history of customer satisfaction with claims payment, financial stability, and online capabilities (if this is important to you).
Information about some of the top car insurance companies in the industry (below) has been aggregated for your assistance. Use this information to help select a car insurance company.

21st Century GMAC
AAA Auto Insurance Liberty Mutual
AIG Mercury
Allied Auto Insurance Nationwide
Allmerica Progressive
Allstate Safeco
American Family State Farm
Amica Unitrin
Bristol West USAA
Erie Auto Insurance

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